Land & Light
Be anywhere at home.
Land and Light designs and builds resorts and retreats for private estates. Our goal with every project is to create outdoor spaces that bring your favorite parts of the world to your own home. We are a travel business that brings the destination to you. Every client is unique. So is each project. Let's explore how you can be "Be anywhere at home" with Land and Light.

Land is what gives your home a sense of place. It can provide an extension of the interior through a collection of outdoor rooms. It can create feelings of intimacy or great expanse. Sometimes land can be formed in a way that creates an escape from the world around it. The goal of our projects is to allow the land to meet your home with beauty and intention.

Light is the messenger that brings the visual world to our senses. It can inspire feelings of safety, comfort, excitement, or awe. As the sun sets in the sky, there is no greater tool than lighting to create these experiences in and around your home. Our use of soft, delicate, brushstrokes of light paint the picture of your life - indoors and out.

Experience is the collection of stories that we write throughout our lives. Some experiences are ordinary. Some are inspiring. From our processes to our projects, our aim is to build incredible, rewarding experiences for our clients. We create more than just beautiful outdoor spaces. We create stories.